Posted by Joyce Borda on Aug 01, 2017
Lyndsey Burnsides
Ray Donadio reported that Tom Antalek sends greetings and is looking forward to being back soon. Joyce Borda was happy that our club is getting attention from the Port Orange Observer and there was an article in the News Journal over the weekend. Josh Gray’s cousin went through the Navy Seal “Hell Week” and is secured. Richard Kjellstrom was celebrating his 47th anniversary. Jeff Walker did some traveling and played at Chambers Bay Golf Course, having a great time. Basilia Brown contributed $2 for the two weeks she missed and is happy to be back. John Shelley’s son Andrew got a job as internal auditor for JEA in Jacksonville and his wife got a job in the State Attorney’s office and they sold their house and moving to Jacksonville. D.S. Patel is going to miss next week. Nick DeSantis is happy to have his kids visiting the meeting.
  • Assistant District Governor Ray Salazaar was visiting our meeting.
  • D.G. Brent Coates will be attending our meeting next week.
  • Monday, August 7 at 6:30 p.m. we will be meeting at Sugar Mill Elementary school for painting.
  • September 16th is the date for the Halifax River Cleanup. You can register on our website.
  • August 31st is the Tortugas game and we are joining the POSD Chamber. Tickets are $23 for barbecue and beer.
  • Our meeting will be held at the Cici and Hyatt Brown Art Museum on August 29th. Sign up for your attendance and box lunch.  
I'd like to thank Jim Tobin for sending today's “Thought.”
It applies to everyone, our Coaches out there - Billy T., Billy McCabe, Shawny G. and others - I think they will appreciate it in particular.
It goes like this:  "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those                           who hustle."
You can think about that today.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Sgt. Jake’s questions of the day were:  Who was the White House representative who held office for a short time and for how long? The answer was Anthony Scarramucci and the length of time is 10 days. The first part was answered correctly so we all paid $1.00 each.  
PROGRAMS:  Lyndsey Burnside presented a program about Meet & Mentor, LLC.
CLASSIFICATION TALKS:Ray Donadio, Reggie Hunter and Bill McCabe.
50/50:  Joyce Borda gratefully won $65.
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