It is flu season and we have some members who are traveling so attendance was light, however we welcomed several visiting Rotarians and visitors.  Dr. Martin brought Palmer Graduate Dr. Nicolle Schuttel from Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  Her home, Rotary Club and chiropractic practice were wiped out by Hurricane Irma followed by Hurricane Maria, so she is visiting until she can get re-established.  We welcome her and wish her the best.  The club is gearing up for the annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, April 21 and the Riverfest on the Halifax May 4-6.  Many volunteers and sponsors are needed for these important events.
Happy Bucks:
Richard Kjellstrom is back from celebrating his 70th.
Ray Donadio announced that since Tom Antalek has received his DNA results his new nickname is Boris Sven (BS for short).
Jim Egan celebrated his 53rd wedding anniversary.
Frank Crooks is going to Pennsylvanio Thursday to celebrate his son's birthday, and then going to his sister's 50th wedding anniversary party in Pennsylvania.
John Shelley said that Hewitt is out with the flu (feel better Hewitt!), and they are looking forward to a good tax season!
Nick announced that Riverfest on the Halfiax, scheduled for May 4th through 6th, now has three presenting sponsors:  Vystar, Country Inn & Suites, and Halifax Health, including Halifax Hospice and Halifax Home Services.  He asked that everyone plan to volunteer that weekend.  
We also are planning the annual Golf Tournament, which will be Saturday, April 21.  We need sponsors, prizes, teams and volunteers.  If you would like to be on the Golf Tournament Committee, please attend the committee meeting.  
Sergeant At Arms:
Jake Johannsen asked Jim Egan to name the South Poland Rotary program that helps children deal with fighting in the Ukrane.  Jim did not know.  The Answer is Vacation 2017 Zakopane.
We paid $2.00.
Greg Johnson introduced Judge Bryan Feigenbaum, Volusia County Judge for the Veterans Court Division.
Jim Ward took home the 50/50 jackpot--Happy Birthday Jim!