Posted by Joyce Borda on Jul 25, 2017
Josh Gray’s cousin is in Navy Seal training and is going through “hell week.” Bill Thompson became a grandpop again. Frank Crook’s granddaughter, Sophia, is one year old today. Greg Bartholomew spent his half century birthday in New York. John Shelley gave $5 because he is 55 years old and Bill Thompson passed around a picture that had 9 nuns that had taught him and there was a picture of Sister Vincent. Frank Dunham’s grandson’s birthday and friends were here. Jake Johannson took some folks to New Smyrna surfing  and spent time in New York with family. Hewitt Dupont volunteered with the National Park Service in Georgia. On August 12th, there will be a national ceremony in St. Augustine to honor soldiers. Ken Burgman contributed in hopes that the parking lot would be finished - it was not. Jim Tobin’s significant other, Virginia, got the cast off her wrist and now has feeling in her fingers. Ray Donadio was happy that the News Journal included quotes from Urban Meyer. D.S. Patel was happy that Karen Weiss was visiting from the DeLand club. Deb McCall was happy that Maggie is engaged and has a date set. Deb will be in Bimini next week working (she claims)!
  • Reminder - POSD Chamber golf tournament is August 5th. Need teams.
  • Robin Lasky is also looking for teams for the HUM golf tournament on August 12th.
  • On August 8th, District Governor Brent Coates will be at our meeting.
  • The Edgewater Rotary is now selling tickets for the annual Cheeseburger in Paradise event on August 28th in New Smyrna Beach. It is $100 per couple. See President Nick for tickets.
  • October 28th  the DeLand Glamour & Gore event. Go to
Bill Thompson recognized Josh Gray and Frank Dunham for their Paul Harris + 2. Our club is 100% Paul Harris. Please contact Foundation Chair, Robin Lasky, for more information about foundation.
I want to thank Bill Thompson for sending me the material for today's Thought.
It's called, "Why goofy things happen in Washington, DC."
In a nutshell, it's because government is what's called a 3rd Party Purchaser. Let me explain.
If you're buying something for yourself, you have 2 priorities: price, and quality. You want the highest quality at the lowest price.
And YOU are the best judge of where that intersection of quality and price is, for you.
That is called a First Party Purchase, the person buying is the person using.
Let's say you're buying something for someone else. You're concerned with price because you are paying, you have more flexibility on the quality because you're not using it. Like buying a coffee maker for a wedding gift.
Or, let's say you're going to use something but not pay for it. You want top quality, price is no object since you're not paying for it. Like getting only Top Shelf drinks at the open bar at the wedding reception.
Those are Second Party Purchases, the person paying is not the person using.
Now, when you're not paying for it, AND, you're not using it, you're not concerned with price or quality.
That is called a Third Party Purchase, and is the very definition of what happens in DC. They are spending other people's money on things they will not use themselves. They do not care about price, or quality.
And THAT is why goofy things happen in Washington, DC.
You can think about that today.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Sgt. Jake posed today’s question to Ken Burgman:  “What is first name of our on-site caterer and server. The answer is David and Shay. We paid NOTHING!!
PROGRAM:  Ashley Novak & Karen Weiss presented a program on “Girls on the Run.”
CLASSIFICATION TALKS:  Josh Gray, Chad Hazan and Dennis Hall told us a bit about themselves.  We will be having this addition to our agenda every week, if time permits.
50/50:  Guest Tim Carnego went home with $55.00.
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