Posted by Joyce Borda on Jul 18, 2017
Great Day - A visit from Shelldon, recognition of a Paul Harris Fellow +1 and Gail Hallmon, speaker of the day
Jeff Walker’s son sold his house in Charlotte and saw a profit. The Old Fart Softball Team started 24th out of 80 teams and is now #1!  Joyce Borda  is now talking to her 13 year granddaughter after buying her a phone. Visitor Cheryl gave thanks for a warm welcome. Guest Jeff Blass was happy to visit and greetings from Daytona West. President Nick DeSantis was happy for his “stayacation” because it went well with his girlfriend and family.
  • August 8th the District Governor will be at our meeting
  • August 29th we will have our meeting at the Museum of Arts and Sciences.
  • Jeff Blass is the Assistant District Governor and introduced himself at our meeting. He covers the Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange-South Daytona and two Daytona Clubs.
  • August 26th is RLI.
  • Jim Tobin informed us that there is a four day workshop for anyone running for office and to call the Daytona Chamber for information.
  • Frank Crooks reported that Mike Eddings was back in the hospital but should be released today.
  • Tom Antalek is going to the pain clinic and is hoping to get relief from his back pain.
  • President Elect of RI, Sam Owabi, passed away last week. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Bill Thompson recognized Jim Ward for his Paul Harris + 1.
This week has been declared Made in America week, so I went looking for something by someone who actually made things in America.
Today's thought is called You Don't Have to Know Everything, it's a story about Henry Ford, who definitely made things in America.
During World War I, a Chicago newspaper called Ford an "ignorant pacifist."
So Ford sued the Chicago newspaper.
Mister Ford is on the witness stand in court, his opponent's lawyer knows Ford is not formally educated, so he's asking him all kinds of questions about history and philosophy. He wants to make Ford look ignorant.
After a while, Ford has had enough. He tells the attorney,
"If I really want the answer to any of your foolish questions, let me remind you that I have a row of electric pushbuttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button I can summon men who can answer any question I want. Why should I clutter up my mind with general knowledge just for the purpose of answering questions?"
He's got a point!
You don't have to know everything, just know where to find the answer.
You can think about that today.
Jim Kotas was the target of Sgt. Jake’s question this week. He mentioned that Rotary has 11 major partner and asked Jim to name just two. He couldn’t!! Some of them are AmazonSmile, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Global Food Banking Network and UNICEF. We all paid.
Gail Hallmon was introduced by Shawn Goepfert. She is the Operations Director at The House Next Door in Community Parenting Education and she assists in the oversight of delivery and quality of services throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties. She also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for IDignity Volusia, which provides assistance in obtaining Florida ID cards and licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards, replacement immigration records and various other documents.
50/50:  Fred Christensen left the meeting $53 richer. 
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