A special thank you to our Port Orange Mayor - Mr. Donald Burnette for presenting to our club.
Happy Bucks: Frank Crooks had a great trip to Pittsburgh to see his son and sister, but it was cold! Reggie was at the 16th Hole at the Phoenix Open. She is still happy the Eagles won the Super bowl.  The benefit tournament for Horizon Elementary School on Saturday is FULL! Hewitt added it was a heck of a football game. Don’t forget the rocket launch today at 2pm.  Jeff W is also happy the Patriots lost.  Tom A gave $10 for his new grandson named Cooper Thomas.  Tom W was happy with the football game and he won square pools!
Announcements: Save the Date – 8th Annual Low Country Boil at Jim and Sharon War’s home on Saturday March 24th at 4pm.  We Thank Pierre – his Rotary club in South Africa saluted our club last week. Pianist Francesco Attesti and Organist Matteo Galli event Friday February 9th at 7pm.
Thought for the Day: Randy’s thought of the day:
"Yesterday was National Shower With A Friend Day. So naturally I called Mister I-Love-A-Sleepover Ray Donadio to see if he’d come be my friend. When I told his secretary why I was calling she said Mr. Donadio was very, very busy.
I’d like to thank Reggie Hunter for giving me today’s thought, it’s called The Brick, and it goes like this.
A very successful young man was driving his brand-new Jaguar a bit fast down a neighborhood street.
He slowed down when he saw a little boy waving at him from between the parked cars on the side of the road. But he kept going because he had big money to make that day.
Suddenly he sees a brick fly through the air and hit the side of his new car. He backs up to where the little boy was, jumps out, grabs the boy and says, “What the heck are you doing? It’s gonna cost your parents a whole lot of money to fix my new car.”
The little boy starts crying and says, “I’m sorry mister, I threw the brick because nobody would stop when I waved.”
The little boy pointed to the other side of a parked car and said, “It’s my brother. His wheelchair rolled off the curb and he fell out. I think he’s hurt and he’s too heavy for me to lift back up into his wheelchair.”
The young man helped lift the handicapped brother back into the wheelchair, dusted him off and made sure he was ok.
It was a long slow walk back to his new jaguar with the even newer dent in the side. But the young man never had the dent fixed. He left it there to remind himself of the moral of this story:
Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to hit you with a brick to get your attention.
You can think about that today."
Sergeant at Arms:
Our wallets got a break this week… get ready for next week.
Today's Speaker was Mayor Don Burnette  
50-50 drawing: The lucky ticket holder was Pierre who gained $70!