We took a field trip to Hope Place to see the construction on this new transition location for homeless families.  It will also be the new offices for Halifax Urban Ministries.
Happy Bucks:
Mark Byrd will be picking his daugher up soon and she will be getting married Tuesday.
Nancy Schaaf apologized that the press release on the poinsettia deliveries omitted Deb McCall's name by mistake--so sorry but it was a great event and a nice picture!
Jim Ward is happy that Georgia is undefeated and going to the Rose Bowl!
Bill Thompson's daughter, Amanda, had a daughter on the 27th.
Hewitt is happy that FSU won.  The Georgia game was outstanding.  He is going to Bushnell to get massacred in the 2nd Seminar War.
Greg Johnson let us know that his brother passed away suddenly on Friday--he was a dedicated Rotarian.
Jim Egan said that the theme of the Rose Parade was "Making A Difference."  Where have we heard that before?
Phil LeBlanc was in Jacksonville this morning and said it was 20 degrees colder there!
Jake Johaannson and his neighbor are getting new mailboxes thanks to his son running over them with the suburban.
John Shelley said it was 2 degrees in Oklahoma--his cousin Jason left there to visit here over the weekend.
Robin Laskey paid $5.00 for everyone coming to visit Hope Place.
Frank Dunham is happy to be here today--he has been busy painting houses!
Thought For the Day: 
Jim Tobin shared a poem by J. Allen Shaw about dreamers and doers with several takeaways:  don't complain, think optimistically about where you're going, remember that advertsity is noa .  Don't make resolutions without an action plan!  There were several great takeaways - don't complain, think optimistically, see advertsity as a detour to a better outcome, don't chase success--make a difference and success will fine you, and there is no substitute for hard work.  He concluded with a toast sent to him by Don Burnette:  Here's to the bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; Here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.
There is a concert on February 9th, 7 p.m. and Rotary will get 1/2 of the proceeds--$25 for tickets, $40 for a couple.
There is a Board meeting next Tuesday.  Rich and Basilia are at the front table.
Robin Lasky needs volunteers for Empty Bowls - 11 to 3 on Saturday, January 20.
Sergeant At Arms:
Jake asked Mary Jo to name the first and last place to celebrate the New Year.  We paid $2.00.
Today's Speaker was Robin Lasky, Halifax Urban Ministries and Past President of Rotary, who gave us a tour of the Hope Place construction.
Frank Crooks was the winner of a $50 jackpot int he 50/50 drawing.