The Club has many activities coming up--be sure to check the website and sign up.  There will be a New Member Orientation on Thursday, March 22 from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m.  The Low Country Boil is March 24 and Jim and Sharron Ward's home--tickets are $25 each, children 6 to 12 are $10 and under 6 are free.  Teams, sponsors and raffle items are needed for the Golf Tournament--please help with this important event!
Happy Bucks:  
D. S. Patel  was happy that Deb McCall was at PETS training over the weekend and they got fired up!  Her husband, Dave, even fixed someone's back (watch out Dr. Young)!  
Ray Donadio paid a happy buck for Tom Antalek, who helped him out with an office tree issue.
Deb McCall enjoyed PETS and we will have a great year next year!
Hewitt was happy about all the great battlefields we have in Florida.
Jim Kotas saw the Braves vs. Pittsburgh home training game with a friend and it felt like he was playing hookie!
Reggie is going to Chicago this weekend to see Hamilton.
Scott McBride was part of a trial down in the Keys for a guy that shot him three years ago.  The Key West Police Department did a great job and the guy will be in jail for a long time!
Sergeant At Arms:
Jake gave us an interesting overvew of the tattoos he is considering.  His question was "how many total medals did the country with the most medals win in the Olympics, and what place to the U.S. come in?  The answer was Norway with 39 and U.S. came in fourth.  We paid $2.00 for not getting the answer.
Speakers:  We heared club classification talks from Tom Weber, Pat Hukill, Kimberly Dillon and Ken Burgman.  Thank you to these members for sharing some interesting information about themselves!
50/50 Drawing was $90, and won by Arlene Warwick, a visitor to the meeting today.
Next week Greeter:  Jack Langowski
Front Table:  Shawn Goepfert and Bill Good.  (Please ask someone to fill in if you can't do it)