Posted by Jim Kotas on Oct 10, 2017
It was a fun day at the Club with visitors from around the world, lots of Happy Bucks and first time fines.  Many members were mentioned and some wished they were not.  Check if your name was used or misused. Read it now.

Happy Bucks: Ray Donadio started the bucks by mention bucks, that the Ohio Sate Football program was worth $1.5B, much more than the Gators. Ken Burgman tried to convince us that Richard Boyd is just a younger version of Ken – 20 years ago. We all try to relive our youth. Ken's daughter has found a calling at FSU in criminology and has a great shadowing opportunity. Ken has started a major kitchen renovation project that will task the home bliss. Mark Bowling tried to also look like Richard Boyd and then was happy to announce that he and Eve celebrated 32 years of marriage. But he only gave a buck for that. Jim Egan was happy that Michigan State won over Michigan and the band formed the state of Michigan at half time. Just to remind the fans where they were. Phil LeBlanc also did a kitchen renovation and warned Ken it stresses the bonds of marriage. Shawn Goepfert had a mostly great weekend in Tallahassee and then invited everyone in the Club to his birthday party (50th) at the Pavilion on Nov 10. Joan Lomupo was happy to tell us that her husband had lung surgery for his cancer and has been declared free of cancer. We all wish him the best. Jake Johansson was happy to still have his job after a tough council meeting and also his mother had surgery and is cancer free. Tom Weber was happy to be wearing his Miami hat and will be headed to Hawaii for 18 days. Fred Firouzabadi had a flooded house but is finished with his renovations. Jim Tobin updated us on his son who was accidentally shot and is recovering well. Bill McCabe read us a text from Saki – Tom Antalek's grandson, just to update us on his soccer career.

Announcements: Greg Bartholomew still needs a few drivers for Enchanted Forest, contact him to help out. Next week we can sign up to work at the Speedway in Feb (17 & 18) during the 500, a chance for our Club to earn up to $14,000. Next Tuesday is Boozeday so bring in some booze for Casino Night. Everyone should please sell some tickets to the Casino Night, great fun, invite your friends and neighbors. The Xmas party is Dec 2 at the Weber's house and the Jags game is Dec 3. Seating will be limited to one bus so sign up early.

Thought for the Day: This week is Columbus Day and most men celebrate it by navigating from the couch to the fridge. Women have a different take, remember that Columbus was searching for a new route to China and India. What women say about Columbus Day: “I am suspicious of a holiday devoted solely to a man's inability to ask for directions.” When Columbus sought funding for his journey to the other side of the ocean, he was laughed at and ridiculed. Something was once said about having big goals and the people who try to shoot down your big goals. It goes like this: “Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them simply could not stand being laughed at.” You can think about that.

Sergeant at Arms: Sarge Jake proceeded to fine a number of people including levying a fine that is a first: “ dangerous backing maneuver while at the lunch table”. The fine was probably identified by Ray's wimpy complaint to Jim Kotas. Jake then asked Sonya to tell us 4 of the 6 areas of most sustainable Rotary Service. Sonya had some interesting areas to discuss but failed to mention any of the 6 which are:

.Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.

  • Disease prevention and treatment.

  • Water and sanitation.

  • Maternal and child health.

  • Basic education and literacy.

  • Economic and community development.

    Today's Speaker was Hewitt Dupont: Hewitt gave us an update on our Club finances which are in good shape and he went all the way back to Club year #1 to do so. Good presentation Hewitt.

    50-50 drawing: The lucky ticket holder was our Sergeant at Arms – Jake – who took home $76.